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Flight- whoooo

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Another morning, another flight – this is getting boring – NOT.

Wasn’t so early up the field this morning but there was a thin cloud layer so it shouldn’t be too hot. All prepped up and ready to go and the breeze has shifted. OK wait, motor’s ticking over, another minute and the streamer has moved back so go for it.

S**t, too early, the wing takes a dive to the right so kill the motor and drop the wing.

Un-strapped the motor thinking cor I’m hot, so off with the flying suit whilst I re-layout the wing further across the field. There’s more heat in the sun than I thought :?

All ready to go again and the breeze is good, off the ground now about 4 feet but don’t seem to be gaining any height, where’s all this sinking air coming from :o

The hedgerow and small trees that’s where. Should have positioned myself further back across the field when I had to reposition, REMINDER always use the maximum available runway, dohh.

Anyway I clear the hedgerow without any problem and set off. This time I fly over to the A20 motorway, past a village called Vigoux


I’m at 1300 feet so decide to drop the revs a little to make a long shallow glide back towards home. When I’m down to 1000 feet the bumps start so climb a little again to stay in the smooth air. I noticed the cloud layer had thickened slightly, mainly through feeling a bit cooler than on the way out. Watched a couple of farmers gathering their hay bales but not much activity below.

Came in to land in completely the opposite direction than I took off in, then home for lunch, marvellous :D




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