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Complete Newbie.

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Afternoon All,

Me and My best mate have decided we want to start paramotoring :D

We are going to go with Paul Haxby of AXB Sports for our training (He doesnt know it yet) lol only problem with that is because im spending £750 on the course which means that apparently I will be a confident pilot it also means that im going to have to buy my partner something.

Now after I have done the course is there anything stopping me paragliding from a Hill or what I also have to do the paragliding course aswell??.

Once we have accomplished the course we will obviously buy our own equipment e.g Wing and Paramotor.

I myself weigh 101kg what size engine / thrust would I need for this sort of weight.

I missed these on ebay which included everything would these of been ideal.



also this one finishing tonight


Its a shame no Paramotor shops to credit lol

Many Thanks in advance,

Jonathan Machon

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Having just trawled the net, I know it's easy to go for kit as it pops up!

That first kit was for a huge motor with huge non-reflex a tandem wing, useless to you (IMHO).

The RAD looked nice for the motor, but again not a reflex wing

Last ones not bad, but a well know owner will probably see some 'help' with the bidding.....

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Hello Jonathan,

If you want to hill fly as well as Paramotor it's a good idea to get Paragliding training as well as your Paramotor training as the take off techniques are completely different.

Hill flying is an unforgiving sport for those that don't know what they're doing, it's also flown in windier conditions so understanding how the wind moves around the hills like the Venturi effect and so on is extremely important.

I've warned new students about hill flying and the serious consequences that can happen without proper training yet they still go ahead thinking they know what they're doing with disastrous results.

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I think manchester paragliders do credit ppg.dont try to hill fly if you only do ppg.ive seen the results of a paramotor pilot trying hill flying .he was lucky to walk away esp if you are a complete newbie to ppg.if after 30-50hrs you will have more chance. do a ep pg course it will be worth it.you have to learn wind speed, gusts, direction and rotor.thermic conditions, and there will be a lot of other pgs on the hill to avoid.plus most clubs wont let you on the hill if they know you are new with out club coach.and dont try coastel cliff flying til you have lots of flying pg first. ppg and pg have different flying skills to master.but when you have built up your ppg hrs it wont be hard to try pg.join your local pg club you will get tons of help in the transfer to pg.its the same as pg to ppg different tecs to master,,,

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