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Hand Throttle

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take a look at my phoos in my album I have one i made myself The handle is a mountain bike handle bar end

make "Specialized" "Dirtrod Bar Ends 05" part no 2143610 price

£14.99 pair the brake lever is made by "swinger" part no BX273

price £10.99 pair both purchased from J E James Chesterfield

England. the start stop button is a "Horn/Starter Button" part no

594B purchesed from Motorworld Matlock England. I have seen similar

in some electronic catalogues. Stop button at thumb level start at

bottom only activated by your other hand. The "cruse controll" is

achieved by drilling the allen bolt head side of the throttle lever

holder large enough to allow the allen head of the bolt to slide in

and out, clamping the lever when the thumb screw is turned. The

clever bit is the spot weld on the allen head bolt. The spot weld is

to stop the allen bolt from turning but still alowing the head to

move with in the holder and clamp the lever when the thumb screw is

tightened. The weld was achived by two spots repeated one on top of

the other with a simple arc welder and a stainless steel rod. You

will have to drill and file a notch offset to the allen head hole to

seat it all into. the felt washers are used each side of the lever

on the bolt. When using thighten the cruse controll thumb screw. It

is the smoothest clamp and requires no effort, the lever can still

be pulled or pushed out with the back of your fingers to

increes/decrees the engine revs holding a constant speed. The rest

of the manufacturing can be seen by by studying photos.

good luck

many thanks Miles

Can anybody help me source a hand throttle with electric stop and start buttons and preferably cruise control? I would like to replace my exisiting one. I believe these throttles are not crafted to suit a specific motor, but I am quite able to make slight adjustments. My motor is an Easy 100.


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you have seen my parajet throtle that is actually made by parajet themselves. You could ask Simon Westmore to supply you with a price for the the throttle mechanism, you could then adapt it to suit. The good thing with the Parajet model you can start, stop and cruise all with one finger.

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