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The Surrey/West Sussex Club


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Hey folks of Surrey and West Sussex,

It's come to my attention that there is now a growing population of pilots in and around the Surrey and Sussex area, yet few of us have any contact with each other and rarely meet up.

I'd really like to change that and establish a more stable club.

Having passed as a QFI on the ParamotorClub Instructors Course, I'm now hoping to setup a school in the area and ideally am looking to source an airfield (or farm-field) where I can teach from.

When that has been secured, I'm hoping it can become a base of operations for the Surrey and West Sussex branch of the PMC to congregate. I have big plans, like storing first-aid and a fuel stash there, and maybe permanent tea/coffee facilities....but that's all some way off.

Flying sites are always an issue, but we have Homestead Farm (Barry's place) and there are other sites that we all use individually or know people that have fields we can use, so how about pooling our resources as well?

More importantly than the sites is the sense of fun and community and sharing top tips and information...

I've seen some posters here but have met up with few...and some only at PMC organised Fly-Ins...

So...this goes out to old pilots and newbies:









...and everyone else that is within reach of Guildford/Reigate and on south of Crawley and eastwards towards Kent....

Get in touch - Let's get this branch of the PMC a bit busier!

My number is 07968 345554 - Feel free to drop me a text or a call.

The weather is looking good this week ahead with high pressure moving in...so how about a meetup on Monday - or some evening during the week?

Take it easy,

Steve Haze

PMC Qualified Flying Instructor


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I'm still convinced you could have made it back...you were 2k up and when I turned downwind to get back it only took me 3 or 4 minutes to get past Guildford. But...better safe than sorry, I guess! :)

Roll on the next flyable day. We'll have to try a longer flight when there is a little less wind.

Steve Haze

PMC Qualified Flying Instructor


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heheh nice.

Weather reports weren't looking so good for this evening with rain forecast near me. So...I haven't left the house and now it looks quite nice out with 8mph winds. Ahhh well.

I'm going to try for tomorrow and get a flight in from Banstead in the morning and maybe then Barry's later on.

drop me a text if you want to join in.



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