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Thermic flight

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Didn't get particularly high climb, it was just bumpy so I let the trims out as soon as I got to 100 feet.

I caught a bit of sinking air shortly after but I wasn't suprised as there are quite a few mature trees in the adjacent fields. With the breeze switching about the air was well mixed up :)

How are you getting on with your reflex :?:



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Only one flight so far. Not thermic. Look forward to trying some thermals with it. It's 5 metres bigger than the Atis so should lift quite well, trims right down.

I guess you know the thermals are better as you get further up. Yes near the ground you cant tell which way the air is moving. Next time try to stay on slow trim and climb out as fast as poss, just dipping the power if the wing hangs back for a second. Then stay on slow trim and keep turning back into lift. Bit more practice and you'll find the hard cores. If you do, dont be afraid to pull some brake and turn harder. Spiralling upwards is the biggest rush you'll have. I use the torque to turn right aswell


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