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Google Earth functionality


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This thread is for those interested in Google Earth and its possibilities.

Anything you experts can pass on for us GE newbies would be really appreciated as GE is the best planning tool I have ever come across. We will (and have been) be using it fairly extensively.

Something I picked up - in the bottom left hand corner window is the Layers box. Try turning on Terrain and roads then go low level through a hilly/mountainous region. Impressive and very, very useful.

Keep 'em coming! :D

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TerryW sent me this link for airspace 'layers' for GE. The section is divided up geographically across the world. The result is fairly spectacular as you will see. Just download the appropriate zip file and this gives you a file that contains a .kmz file. Double click on that file and GE opens with the airspace layer visible.

Note: If this file comes down as a screen full of symbols, go to 'file/save as/' and save to your chosen destination. The file will then appear as a .zip file that you can open in the usual way.


Cool eh?

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Now how about live weather, clouds and stuff!!!

Watch this, check for google earth update in google earth

Help/check for updates online (update if required)

Once updated, in the layer panel on the left hand side find the weather tick box under primary database and zoom out for the weather view.

How cool is that?????


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A Google Earth GPS track file for anyone interested in looking at a recent cross country. Two trips (four sectors are involved) and one didn't start until we were under way for a while as the recorder was switched off. The altitudes recorded are barometric so the aircrafts pressurization schedule is reproduced ie Cabin Altitude, not absolute altitude from the sat system.

Remember, if the file comes down and is displayed in your browser as a bunch of code, the browser is seeing an file and presenting it as an .xml file. Just go 'save as' to your desk top and name it as anything.kml


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