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Tip2Tip planning updates.


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Hi folks,

Planning this trip is great fun. Terry and I have been tasked with putting flesh and bones to the plan. Everything you see here is subject to change and posted to just to give everyone a perspective on the route and timings. Bends that you see in the route are there to keep as clear of controlled airspace as possible and provide the best chance of being able to carry on in the event of less than perfect weather.

There are alternative plans that avoid terrain but they will be a good deal less interesting to fly and perhaps prevent us from visiting the clubs that we would like to on the way North.

If any area is missed please be assured it is only because we need to keep an eye on the mission and its goals. This is about achieving the objective, reaching John O'Groats with everyone safe and intact and raising cash for the forces charity and the Air Ambulance.

Yep' I know you knew that... :wink:






'Nuff said...

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Hi Simon,

Glad you got the fifth pilot (paramedic as well) l can now confirm that l can fly on those dates so if the slot is still available put my name down for sixth place. The planning thats already gone into this is fantastic, well done to all .

See you all on the 15th unless this weather improves 8)8)8)

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