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Finally got the engine in ..


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HI Jock . I have got a few little things to sort like fuel tank and battery . My tanks to big so got to try and find some thing that fits . And a battery holder . I started it up and gave it a little rev , it sure has got some power ,, feels it to me :lol: .

I need to get a harness next then thats about it i think . so soon as i got that i will give her a go lol

i have got a pg harness but doubt that will go on . shame


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yeah lol i did not notice she came out .. but she would not get past theres a wall either side its really narrow my cage was about touching each wall... moving soon bigger garden for me to move in :wink:

I will get a vid when i try it out .. :wingover:

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hi all a little update . I took the raket home build out today for it's first flight . well it did fly a little , There did not seem like there was enough power . I don't know yet what to do it should of got me up better than what it did . So could a different prop make that difference and where would I get a 130 prop from for the raket ?. not sure if I have the right reduction drive ratio . some pics of my paramotor on forum if any onecan tell from them.Or to get a tuned exhaust . any opinions what to do . ?


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once I figure out it's rpm and changing the prop where sell them ? and if it's over or under pitched how would I figure out when I go to buy one to get the right pitch . I don't know much about pitch and how they do that may be the lad I know does as he's been flying for some yrs now .

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I dont know how to work out the pitch so when I was playing with mine I got an adjustable one from GSC props in the states, but it is a heavy prop.

you can get carbon adjustable ones as well but if you can find some one to work out the pitch you need then a fixed pitch one would be the way to go

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