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PMC Activities / Help required please.


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Hi All,

The time of year is here again for fly-ins, XC flights, camping trips, PMC competitions... and so on...

This year I would like to invite all PMC members to put there name forward to form a small 'Activities Committee' to improve on our activities level and attract more people to them.

We need a group of at least 3 people who are happy to spend an hour or two each month having web based and or offline meetings to help to decide on and organise the PMC Events.

Anyone offering there time & skills should contact me directly here or by PM.

This is a non paid role but you won't pay for an event for as long as your on the committee and expenses (phone calls / driving) will of course be fully covered.

For 2010 I am thinking of a PMC (xc) comp, which I have been trying to find the time to arrange for ages... and at least 2-3 fly-ins.

I do need help with this so please, if you want to get more involved with the inner workings of the PMC and help it to become even better..... step up and hit reply :-)



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I’ll volunteer for one of the committee members.

Must be settle in Civilian Street now – while in the army the saying goes ‘Never volunteer for anything’

What a turn…. :)

Come on guys – let’s get the social side of this club going too.


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