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ive got one recently . fibre glass body . Im new to them all but i dont think it would last long if you had a bit of an accident , but it easy to repair with it being fibre glass .

I think i would rather have a one made of alloy but i got it now so will get my raket engine in and see what its like but this engine wont go in i have got to add bits ect to make it fit .

if you lived close you could of looked at mine see what you think for yourself .

i do have a load of pics though if you wanted me to post em

1 more thing , the hoop is only attached to the body with tie wraps .. me personally i dnt like that idea i like things solid . so i will be adding some kind of bolt structure in certain places to hold it so i know its not going to move ....

Fibreglass is ment to be very strong and is used on some cars i just think some little mods could make it better

I have the areodeck one but i dont knw if there is much diffrence573363f127ce4_MeontheFusion.jpg.cebe2b6e


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It pains me to say this...

But I loved the look of that 'frame' never liked the cage..

But now I know its made of chop strand fibreglass matt and gel coat it's put me right off thinking about it.

Metal or Carbon Fibre for me please.


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they use the low fixation system 725 euros with harness 565 euros with out and its 95 euro postage to uk .. I was looking and thats what they emailed me back

http://www.airkit.blogspot.com/ some vids on there too of it

Thanks for all the replies guys, the ones in the link above look about best, I have a top 80 motor I am looking to fit so may order one soon and see how it goes :D


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