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Parajets Faultless aftersales service.


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hello all..

i bought my parajet macro around 18 months ish ago...and in that time since have only clocked up around 7 hrs.

there were 3 main reasons that i bought parajet..

1) i thought they were the best looking -- and not knowing much else about paramotors at the time this was kinda high priority --- yes a bit vain i know...but if you are gonna "be" cool, you gotta look the part too!

2) a friend had one..and raved about the good aftercare

3) i wanted to buy british, and i wanted a company in this country that could get me spares in case of the inevitable beginners accidents...which i may add did occur..2 props, 1 frame.

The other week i had a little problem with my Parajet when the exhaust mounting bracket snapped i think due to micro vibration, sending it into the prop and obviously doing some damage.

I rang Jim at Parajet last friday who was very helpful, sympathetic to my problem and invited me to send it into the factory for free of charge repair.

I hadnt been to the factory before...and being the impatient type i arranged with jim to take it down today and the repairs would be carried out whilst we wait.

After a 3 hr drive down at starting at 5am we arrived and were welcomed in by one of the lads.

In short..what happened after that was above and beyond what could reasonably be expected from a company in terms of after care.

Should parajet have wished, they could have sorted me out a new exhaust, and prop and id have been on my way still quite happy.

but no....as my machine was purchased 18 months ago certain things have been modified / changed for the good of the product and all of these updated parts were fitted to my machine.

i also purchased a new supair harness which was kindly fitted FOC.

after the parts were fitted my machine was cleaned, thrust tested ( 65kg ) carb setup and hang tested with me in it

i have to extend a personal THANK YOU to Daniel at Parajet who worked from around 9am till 2.30pm solid on my machine without a single tea break or lunch break and as ive prevously stated went above and beyond...with every removed nut and bolt replaced with new.

and the cost of all this...including a brand new prop......ZERO...

there are some of you that may say - that should be expected on a low hour machine..and yes its a fair comment...but after all it is 18 months old and out of the parajet 12month warranty. and furthermore you just dont get service like that very often..

so...thank you parajet.. Jim, Gilo and special thanks to Daniel.

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Wot are you telling me that they did not take you to the VIP room with the dancing girls and steak bar while you waited???

You were had mate!!! :lol:


what...you got steak as well?

to be honest...by the time id finished with the girls...i couldn't eat another thing!! lol

and phil......the only complaint i do have against parajet is that you WOULDNT sell me that 160 rotron that was destined for someone else!!

once that batch of orders goes out im having one!!


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well done parajet, that is so good to here after all the shit i have had with another brand. more of the same please

I've been rather worried after hearing your problems (and other complaints) about poor support from that 'other brand'. I'm hoping they have started addressing the issue, as I emailed them yesterday and was quite surprised to get a decent reply back within 24 hours with a parts catalogue & price list.

Not placed an order yet so can't comment on how fast their turnaround is, but prices for things like cylinders and piston sets are substantially less than some other brands. Whilst I would much prefer the more local support of a company like Parajet I feel happier now I know the contact and parts are readily available.

Out of interest, other than service parts such as gasket sets, do any of you keep a stock of spare parts for your motors ? I know 2 people who have blown pistons recently so not sure if it is worth me ordering a spare now, or things like reed valves (don't know if they tend to break or wear out) ?? I don't want to waste money on a box of bits I might never need, but equally don't want to be out of action for several weeks if a problem does arise. Any thoughts .... ?

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thats the best thing about having a parajet you get the spares next day usally or you can take the motor there and get it done.

No waiting for parts.

No money tied up in keeping parts in stock just in case you need them.

any way its usually some thing you havent got with you that goes wrong.

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