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PXP paramotors


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Does anyone know much about the PXP paramotor range? They seem like tidy paramotors and the new THOR has loads of power by the looks of things - dare I say as much as the ROS125 IMHO. I have looked on the internet for reviews but there seems to be very little.

One thing I don't like is that the cage appears to hang quite a bit lower than the bottom of the seatboard whilst in flight. The PAP's and others don't seem to hang that low. Any ideas?

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The Idea of the cage lower than the seatboard is to provide a bit of a crumple zone, I don't think this will cause any problem, why don't you like this design?

I had a Walkerjet before that had a much higher seat base (or lower cage) and it was never a problem, I could run perfectly well without hitting it, anyway I will be getting a new PXP next week with the new PXP 180 engine, maybe you can try it, if you want.

Paul D

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All the PXP motors I have seen have been well built. The 'low cage' is good in flight as the thrust line from the engine is lower down and closer to your centre of gravity. When it is higher up your back it can push your shoulders forward, affecting your seated position mid flight.

Like Paul I found the geometry of the Walkerjet to be very good, although the low cage made it slightly less suitable for ground skimming or foot dragging.

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( and the new THOR has loads of power by the looks of things - dare I say as much as the ROS125 IMHO )

You dared and you said it ......but I dont reckon they have anywhere near the same power as the Ros

But the Pxp paramotors do look a quality make from what ive seen . in fact I was going to get one this year (Before my crash ) now Ive just got to recover before I can continue with my plan....they will do a cisco engined motor with a clutch (thats the one I had my eye on )


here it is fitted in another paramotor make,,

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Thanks for the offer Paul but I'm a bit far away (South Africa). ;-)

I don't like the low cage designs because of the danger it could pose whilst ground skimming (which I do a lot of).

Gary, I take it the Cisco you refer to is the Snap 100 which is 17hp. The Thor is 20,5hp and gives 64kg thrust with a 130cm propeller. The ROS125 is 22hp (they say 29hp but that would put it more powerful than a Simonini???) and gives 64kg thrust with a 125cm propeller.

I've never tested the Thor or the ROS. I have felt the power of the Snap100 with a 3 blade ground adjustable propeller and it was pretty cheeky!!! Damn strong for such a little motor. I currently have a Simonini but I am too used to a clutched motor and I don't like the idea of electric start....for me anyway.

Didn't know you had a crash Gary. Hope you are okay to fly!!

Thanks for your replies guys.

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Hi Guys

Saw this thread and thought I'd give you some feedback on the PXP 185 Moster which I've had now for about 3 months and completed around 20hrs on it. I progressed to this from a Volution to Macro to H&E120 over about 6 years and I have to say Im really impressed with the build quality and attention to detail PXP have achieved with this machine, apart from the fantastic power to weight ration the 185 Moster has, the engineering and build quality so far appears to be faultless.

The only slight issue I have with it is that it takes longer to assemble than any of the other machines I've flown and it has a strengthening bar fitted to the cage to cope with the power the Moster kicks out. Its lighter than the H&E 120 and has as much power as the Macro or so it feels, but this could be to do with the fact its probably 10+kgs lighter. Incidently there's virtually no torque twist on the low hang point version even when you boot it, however I'd still caution anyone to be aware of the power if your not used to it.

Fuel economy, I haven't measured it precisely but Im averaging around 4lt/hr on a Reaction31 (AUW125kg approx dry) but I reckon I can improve that average by flying it more economically.

The Harness is comfortable and easy to get in. You need to add pulley extensions to the harness to get a more direct extension of the speed bar, but I had to do that with the H&E as well. It has a deeper and easier on the ear noise level as well. Its yet to come with a manual, but i haven't found I've needed one yet. You run it in as you would any engine of this size and type. The hang points are self explanatory.

And finally I found Jose Navarro the MD at PXP extremely helpful, responsive and all round good egg. He will deal direct with you, or he did with me because I wanted a vat invoice for the machine and the UK agent isn't vat registered.

If anyone wants any more info or to even take a look at it let me know

you can get me on 07775 717231 or email simon@sae-ltd.com

Simon Peck

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