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Flying , BBQ, camping, then flying again In West Sussex


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Hi . I would like to invite any local paramotor pilots to a flying , camping, BBQ session on Saturday 17 April 2010 in the afternoon thru to Sunday morning. I have my own farm in Pulborough, West Sussex with some easy fields at the top of a small hill, good for all wind directions and without nasty obstructions. The weather looks great and I should have a few pilots turning up and depending on the wind direction will try to organise a cross country with a pick up and some local flying. BBG in the evening ( BYO ) with a campfire . Family and Kids welcome.

postcode is RH20 2HZ

Call me if you are interested 07875724540 or seymorehicks@gmail.com


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Hi seymore

I have also put up a post in the general section "i didnt know you was putting one on here"

Anyway i have spoken to a couple of people but they cant make it. still waiting on a couple more.

Weather looks amazing for the weekend :D

Do you need a driver for the van???

Why is the BBQ bring your own???? you have loads of lambs!!!!! :twisted: bbbbaaaaaa

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Seymore, thanks for organising this, I have to say it was some of the best flying I have had including a magic flight to the seaside with Morgy and then bagged three balloons in the evening :)

The site:


Our host




Michel Carnet telling us how he became paramotor world champion


Launching lanterns




loads more pics of the flying in my blog....

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Yah a big thanks to seymore for sorting out the fly in... I had a great days flying just a shame i had to shoot home in the evening as we had friends over for dinner.

It was nice to meet up with you again Dan and i am so glad you made the right choice and got your butt into the air. that flight to the coast was one of may fav's!! smooth as silk sea breeze.

You will have to come down for some more flight's soon dan. It is an amazing site so close to the downs with most wind directions covered with gentle sloping takeoff's


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