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My new Revolution 24


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I took delivery of my Rev 24 nearly 3 weeks ago and the day i got it it hasnt stopped raining!

I managed to squeeze some ground handling in between rain clouds and atlast Friday was looking good and someone just had to have an unfinished job!

After all the waiting and reading and asking numerous questions that have probably been asked to you guys thousands of times i eventually took off with trimmers on take off setting and i was up with little effort with a little tickle on the brakes!

In the air the wing was so stable and responsive and so much faster than my previous wing that i gained more confidence in a short time and was carving around effortless.

I have only been flying for a short while but already feel the kit i have now has taking me to the next level fast and with confidence.

Learning on Rad Mxl and Arcus Swing was a good move for me being only 5.5 and 62kgs it was a good introduction being so light and i could have stayed with it for a long time but i wanted to fly faster and go places with a some xc in there somewhere.

I just cant wait for the next flight!

Cheers guys for all your replies and thanks Vince for the wing and your advice.

Anyone thinking of a reflex wing break the bank and get one you wont regret it!

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Hey Mat, I have had a mxl for 6 years and just last week bought a pap top80 1400, what a difference! I weigh 82 kilos and though launches were reliable it sort of only just got off. Now the launches are much easier. The big difference is quietness and less vibration and what a joy when idling during descent, as I,m sure you have found. Think I might have to try a reflex wing now.


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Hi Matt.

I'm waiting for my new Revo 26 and Pap PA125 1400 (I'm 6'1", 83kg) Hopefully should be with me in the next month, ready for summer). Reading your post just makes me even more excited :D

Living down the road from Pap, I'm going in to watch him build it and hopefully learn something about maintaining it :|

Here's to a nice summer with plenty of flying 8)



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