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Pre Flight Checks


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I hope this might help someone.

Retrieved a mate after a forced landing yesterday, whose throttle cable had got sucked back into the prop. Damaged the prop, cut the wires, so no engine cut out available, and left him stuck at half throttle. He reached for the fuel tap, to stop the motor. Lucky he had one !

In short, he said there was one cable tie securing the cable to the frame. It wasn't there when he landed. We compared it with a similar machine and that had 2 points of fastening, as does mine.

Might be an idea to make sure your machines all have 2 fastenings if you haven't already. Not heard of this happening before, and hope not to again.


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Good post Dave. I think we all tend to rely on the plastic cable ties.

I will be making it a specific pre-flight check on every flight rather than at the 10 hour checks.

The strength of the plastic cable ties does degrade with UV exposure over time.



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Another thing you can use is small electrical "P" type copper clips that are normally used to fix MICC cable (pyro). you can get these in either bare copper or pvc covered (red, orange, white and black are the common colours). They bend to shape very easily, and you can secure them using a short 4mm brass nut and bolt.

I've used these clips myself for a variety of jobs, including fixing a Scotoiler oil feed line to my motorbike swingarm.....They're very strong and effective!!

Neil :D

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