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Edwards Air Force Base open day


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Anyone else spot a useful paramotor additions for those stealthy flights......

It's a Lockheed YO-3 'Quiet Star'. Designed for night battlefield observation during the Vietnam war. It was a very quiet plane, and can fly as low as 200 ft over the enemy without being heard, apparently it was the quietest prop ever made! "The elements that made the plane ulltra quiet--some might say silent when it flies 800-1000 feet overhead--were the following 1. Slow turning prop 700 rpm (minimizes tip noise.) 2. An exhaust system that runs the length of one side of the airplane, 3. IO-360 continental engine enclosed in acoustic deadening cowling and silicone in the rocker box covers 4. 12 v-belts--reduction drive- (we use to call them rubber bands) that eleminate gear noise. 5. A streamlined plane. (plane is based on a Schweizer 2-32 glider but greatly modified.) 6. Duct tape. Before planes went on a mission, they would fly about 300 feet over the maintenance shack. If we heard whistles, rattles etc, we would bring her in put some tape on her. After a while we pretty much knew where the problems were likely to be so we taped her before she went up."


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