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Reserve deployment

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I think you'll find it is the same method wherever it is mounted.

Grasp the deployment handle and pull it then throw it away from you in one smooth fluid action. (don't forget to let go!!)

Reserves have a life of about 10 years, you should have it checked aired and repacked annually by a competent person, so next time you book yours in for a repack, ask if you can hang the motor up and practice deploying it before they repack it.

Alternatively hang in your garage / garden etc before you drop it in or send it off for a service.

A couple of years ago I went down a zip wire in my free flight harness and threw my reserve on the way down, possibly the best way of simulating a 'real throw' but maybe not easy to do with a paramotor !

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What's the best method of throwing the reserve on a head mounted system on the PAP. Could someone run through it for me.

I have never deployed a reserve in my training 10 yrs ago,in fact the subject was hardly covered.


Your annual re-pack should involve a simulated deployment in as real a situation as you can, ie hanging from a tree or your garage. The first time I practiced a reserve deployment I made the mistake of doing it when it was fairly windy and had attached myself to the car tow loop, (hangliding harness reserve deployment approx 1990). The reserve deployed violently and would have dragged me but I was able to get out of the harness because I hadn't put my legs into the loops. Collapsing the reserve was difficult. Not a pleasant experience and not a good idea so be carefull.

If deploying a reserve for real it will be due to something having gone very wrong. With the overhead reserve attachment to the frame, you have to consider if the frame will still be there following a catastrophic event!!

Expect to be very dissorientated and don't be suprised if you are not thinking clearly and simple actions like stopping the engine become difficult, deployment needs to be as easy as possible without making accidental deployment possible.

I like the flight deck style reserve position in my lap where I can see it, check it easily, and see the deployment handle. Its easily detachable and transferable to other machines and makes humping the motor arround easier (lighter).

Another thing to consider is dominant hand (left or right hand throttle) Reserve deployment is restricted by the handle and possibly the cable to the engine and will undoubtably be more difficult than you think.

I am right handed and preferre a left handed throttle to enable dominant hand deployment. Your system allows both.

Reserve deployment is difficult to plan for because no two events will be the same. Minimise the need for deployment by checking equipment, weather, flying location, and the location of other aircraft. Fly within your own and the aircrafts capability. Communicate with other air users where possible (NOTAMS Radios etc).

Food for thought.


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I have a Pap with the reserve fitted behind my head and I've practiced pulling the reserve from the holder without throwing it many times. I would suggest you do the same as the reserve took considerably more force to remove from the holder than I was anticipating. I have tried two handed and single left/right pulls and I quite often practice emergencies and just reach for the handle while in flight to confirm my hand goes directly to it. In an actual emergency you want your hand to go straight to the Handle without thought so you can be concentrate on where to throw it.


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