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just for info really


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I remember the news :evil: bloody pikey scum

Gypsies smash £5million police helicopter with axes in revenge for 'spy' flights

A group of travellers wrecked a multi-million pound police helicopter which was being used to spy on their site.

The gang used axes to smash the £5million aircraft, after they leapt over a 4ft wall surrounding Surrey Police force’s helipad at Fairoaks airport, near Woking in Surrey.

After threatening staff working in the operations room, they set about wrecking the helicopter, smashing six of its windows and causing tens of thousands of pounds worth of damage.

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So...amusingly...a couple of weeks after me commenting that the people who vandalised the helicopter were bad, I have a close encounter with said helicopter!

There I am flying along at about 1500 feet on Sunday morning, when suddenly, about 100-150 feet below and to my left appears this Police Helicopter from behind me!!!!!! :shock:

No way I could see it was coming, and I was as visible as could be (No cloud around)...

But for some reason said Flying-Pig decides that it's ok to fly practically underneath me at only that distance away!!!

He wasn't stopping to say anything to me...it was just a flypast, but definitely made me jump!!

I'm almost tempted to complain. Definitely within the 500 foot rule and luckily not directly underneath me or god knows what would have happened!! :shock:

Amazingly, the other day, I met a guy who said he was responsible for plotting the helicopter flight paths over the Epsom and Banstead area (in Surrey) and he said they all came nearby. Nothing on the airmaps to show this, obviously, but worth bearing in mind.

I'm going to warn all the other local pilots and post this again in the Surrey Section.


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