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I am fairly sure that most here will be flying at some point over the next few days. :D

It would be great to get some pics, stories of actual 'flying' on the forum again since it's just been ages for most!!

So, take your camera.. and lets see some pics and stories!



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Due to the long time since you last were in the air can you all take that little bit longer on your pre flight checks and double check every thing, be careful until you get used to every thing again. :!:

Very good advice Pete and timely.

Well I got up this afternoon, after putting plenty of fuel in.

I had an audience of 1 at the gate so made sure I did a tight circuit to show I was enjoying myself :D

I headed upwind up to cloudbase, 1000 feet, just a few wisps as it had recently blown over:


I thought I am going to enjoy this, I have got about 1 hour 40 until sunset. One of the sights on the way:


A village I had flown over before:


I decided to go further in this direction than I had before so made my way to the motorway with Argenton just beyond:



Coming back the way I was revelling in the fact of flying, gliding smoothly along:


The field eventually came into sight:


Flight time 61 minutes. When walking back to the car the sky was very attractive:


I had seen some Cranes on their migration before I took off (very late migration) but unfortunately didn't see any whilst I was in the air, maybe in the spring.

I don't think I will get another flight in with this high pressure as it's going to be windy now over the weekend :cry:

Cheers all,


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