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Ear defenders to headset


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My old headset was made from some old ear defenders which to be frank were very poor performance. I fly with ear plugs as well and turn the radio up to maximum. (I've increased the radio audio output as well but that's another story).

To protect my hearing I have bought the best ear defenders I can find, the Peltor Optime III, as used by Microavionics for their headsets.

Thanks go to Phil_P for some advice prior to starting dismantling the ear defenders, but the clip together design is such that it is easy to dismantle and reassemble, I can recommend them if you are thinking of making your own headset.

I have used a microphone boom that I have had for so long I cannot remember how much it cost, probably a tenner from an amateur radio rally. I had to reduce its length and I used a modified plastic cable gland to hold the electret microphone (glued in). The 'speakers' are the earpieces from a cheap set of headphones.

I have not flown with the headset yet but will let you know how it is when I do. It is more comfortable than the old one as well as a bonus.

Cheers, Alan


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I had a 46 minute flight this afternoon with the new headset on and it's good. No more ear plugs, yeahhh :!:

My hearing doesn't fell assaulted like it did before, and the radio is louder :lol:

One small problem, I should have sealed all the holes that the wires pass through but that's easilly remedied.

Whay heh :D


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