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reduction ratios


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i want the best power from my "new" motor (im building a paramotor) it came from a fly products power plus (its an mz34) with a 1:2.2 ratio reduction, by my calculations the tip speed is slow (.56 mach) that seems a bit slow?? even if i up the prop size to a 130 it only goes up to .59 mach. My limited understanding is that it should be running at about .9

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I would think that prop choice would be a factor, as your prop and redrive combo presumably want to be chosen to load the motor so it runs at the 'best' revs.

Best in this instance might be your selection that gives perhaps the best rate of climb, best cruise speed, or optimum fuel economy.

Personally, I would probably choose a combo that would load the motor such that it is held to around it's peak power RPM.


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when flying low, low means Low.

im interested if you do have one lying around... is it repaired because of the above quote!!

Dont take off with a 6 foot high tree 20 foot in front of you :D

Yes I have it just the tips needed a little work, blades are now white.

Price ? make me a reasonable offer :wink: (you can PM it if you like)

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