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Newbie in London looking for training

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My name is Johan Lundin and I'm Swedish but living in London since 2001. I'm considering using a paramotor for travelling so am interested in meeting other people that have done similar things. I have no experience of flying but done some travelling by motorbike in the past. Visit http://swedishrider.com if you are curious.

I'm interested in finding somewhere around London for some initial training but have a motorbike to get me out of the city.



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Hi Johan,

Although not in London there is an instructor (Paul) directly south of you, located around the Brighton area. Also, but it is a bit of a ride out from London, Simon and Pete operate out of the Flagpole which I think is located near to Swindon, about 75 miles (120 km) west of London and not far from the M4. Details for them can be found on this website (viewtopic.php?f=48&t=2805) and I can personally vouch for all three of them. I live north of Birmingham but will shortly be making the regular trip down to the Flagpole to finish off my training as it is the best available in my view.

Incidentally where in Sweden do you originate from? I travel to Gothenburg and Kungalv frequently and know Landvetter airport better than most!

Not too sure if the contact details help, but hopefully you'll be able to take the first steps with either Simon, Pete or Paul. It'll be worth the travel.



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Many thanks and glad you like it. Something similar but from the air and from some different part of the world will come in a year or two ;)


Thanks for the suggestions Wodens. I spoke with Simon yesterday so will get the ball rolling now. I'm originally from Stockholm but don't know too much about the airports in Sweden...well except being kicked out of a plane over Kallax, Lulea when I was in the military ;)

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