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How not to do it

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As a complete newbie I decided to spend a while Googling for good paramotor websites whilst it rained and was generally unpleasant outside.

This link Sevillaparamotor is an amazing video of mother nature showing that she's cleverer than the pilot. To my untrained eye it looks like he got caught in turbulence caused by the stadium. Another 20 feet higher up and he might even have saved it.

There are plenty of other less dramatic videos of Spanish flying to keep your spirits up when the British weather isn't being kind.

My wife is not getting shown that crash though. Time to check the life insurance policy ;-)

I will get in the air, I will, I will.


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U Tube and the likes are full of videos of people crashing Paramotors / Paragliders. But only because the viewing public dont like the nice calm ones at the end of the evening, that we all love!

Beware of watchih too much TV. :wink:

A perfect example of the dangers of low flying BTW, as you say I think a bit more height and he would have been OK. good to see how quickly the wing sorted itself out. (A REFLEX WING) is VERY UNLIKELY to suffer from a frontal collapse like this. (which I think was a thermal looking at the big black mamma over his head) may be wrong though.......

I recon Dave H is our expert on this one......

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