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Photos needed for the manual please.


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Hey Norman!

Sorry for not responding. Really I should have as this is my area of speciality (design). I could offer the excuse of being busy, but then we are always busy right?.

If you are looking for good quality pictures then http://www.sxc.hu is probably the best place to use. Sign up for a free account (they don'e spam). They are royalty free so you don't need to worry about copyright and they are all decent quality.

As I said, I am a designer. If you want any work doing to help the club, I don't mind pitching in. I do web sites and web work, posters, fliers, banners, t-shirts, blah blah blah. I would of course do it for free, as you all seem to put up with my annoying newbie questions so patiently! As I said before too, I can be quite busy, but I can usually find a bit of time for some fun projects.


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