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Parajet Volution. Electric Blue

Guest francis777

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Parajet Volution (Electric Blue).

fine example of parajet's excellent motor. Only 10 logged hours since new. It is Butterfly Paragliding's demonstrator and has been factory maintained. It is being replaced so offers in excess of £2950 please (£4250 new, now ,I think). Training and wing package deal available, if required, leading to BHPA FLPA endorsement to your CP license.

56kg static thrust measured at factory.

2.5 hrs fuel tank. Electric start. Tuned exhaust etc standard Volution spec.

25kg dry weight, quiet (for a paramotor).

Low hang point swinging arm system (no torque effect).

small prop diameter 900 cm so little Gyroscopic Precession effect.

Cordura carry bag for cage and prop blades (very smart and worth £200)


see the brochure at

http://www.parajet.com/images/Parajet%2 ... ochure.pdf

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Hi Francis,

Sorry if I'm mis-reading this, are you saying that your Parajet has had only 10 hours of use and that it has needed more than one factory maintained visit/service?

Only 10 logged hours since new. It is Butterfly Paragliding's demonstrator and has been factory maintained...

...56kg static thrust measured at factory on last service.

I'm a fellow Parajet owner and now wonder if I've been missing some servicing? I do pre and post flight checks of cage, motor, wiring and harness.



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You are quite right to point that out Paul.

Not so much of service but "maintained".

I had a starter motor jam and seize up and Giles replaced it immediately. They are Italian supplied units not made by Giles.

Also I had a carb problem that Marcus fixed and I had the frame (cage) laced like a tennis racket by Parajet as an "extra" cos I was nervous about the open nature of the standard frame.

Each time I've been there they run it up and looked it over and tuned it to max out.

I'm probably a nightmare customer for them but they always smile and do the business.

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