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Pre Flight Checks

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I thought I would start building a little bit of 'basic' information so that those of you who are learning to fly, can look at it whenever required. I am mostly interested in the safety so have put a bit of a focus on that.

You MUST ensure that you get in to your flying habbit to carry out a PRE FLIGHT CHECK it will save your life.

Each time you fly check the following :

Wing, is it yours, is the Sewing sound, are the lines all OK, is it the correct size.

Harness All stiching OK, webbing straps all OK and not fraying, all buckles and clips are sound and secured,

Riser set, (main controls) Karabiners OK, no rust deeo scratches, bends or dents. fitted to harness correctly.


Wind and Weather, know when is good and not!

Helmet, on and done up.

Harness, leg straps and waist straps are done up and checked, Lines and risers are free from twigs and tangles, Make sure your Karabiners are shut and tight, have oyou got the correct brakes in the correct hand, Clear above, behind, and to the side, (looking for other aircraft, other paramotors landing or taking off,

Only now can you consider a launch.

It is a good idea for anyone thinking of learning to fly a paramotor to remember the above.

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