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Fertiliser question


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I flew from a field today where the grass was pretty short and the farmer had covered it in a very pale blue / grey substance. It was in golf ball sized lumps and felt like dry amalgamated paper pulp if you pulled it apart. It smelled similar to what garden fertiliser pellets smell like.

My question is - does anyone know if this might react with / corrode the wing material or lines or webbing?

Just interested and wondering if I should maybe stay off the field for a bit for the sake of my kit.


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Generally if in doubt avoid it. It's best to wait until a few good rain showers to let the ground absorb what it can.

Here, farmers tend to use small fertiliser pellets, if you see what these can do to metal- then you'd definitley forget about laying the wing down.

The other old favourite here is slurry on the fields- technically you can fly if you can put up with the smell..... I definitely cant....especially the pig stuff!!!!


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Thanks guys. I think this is probably good news. I remember once I spilt fertilizer pellets on my garage floor and was surprised a few days later when it had all turned brown and horrible and looked quite corrosive.

Poo I can deal with, but I do suspect that even if this was recycled human waste it had that nitrogenous smell about it so perhaps they impregnate it with NH3 as part of the process.

Glad I didn't taste any to see how it was on the palette now.

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