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THANKS !!! First trip to Lambourn

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I finally managed to get up to Lambourn today with Simon & co. - nice to meet some of the regulars that I have read so much about, plus Mia and Poppy of course.

Anyway it turned out to be a beautiful day up there, although there was very little wind.

Simon kindly let us have a go doing some ground handling with a training wing. But front launches only due to the lack of breeze. Later Colin bravely lent us his own beloved Fusion - fantastic feeling with that great thing soaring over your head.

The high point of the day was Tim doing his first solo flight. It was great to see how everybody got so involved, willing him into the air. We needn't have worried as he did what looked like (to my newbie eyes) a textbook take off and landing after a few circuits. But it was a great moment to see his feet finally leave the ground. 'll try to upload a couple of pictures later.

Anyway I just wanted to thank Simon, Colin and the folks for making this newbie feel so welcome !


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Glad you had a good time up at Lambourn Surrey-Dad. Indeed, everyone is very friendly and so helpful, you can learn so much from listening to all the advice. Even when the wind isn't quite there it is worth the trip for the social.

I'm just gutted that I haven't been able to make it up to Lambourn for awhile as weather and other commitments have scuppered my plans.

Anyway, happy flying and hope to see you up at the flagpole soon.

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