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.... I know, I know - its in the motor section - and it ain't a motor issue, but I figure the guys who are likely to be "aptitude minded" towards mechanics and motors are the same character type who could be thinking through prop theory (and prop mechanics) .... so the question is:

Who's constructed their own prop?

- did you copy from an existing prop, or did you set out from scratch, and do all the calc's your yourself?

- anyone have experience designing their own prop (i.e. working through the theory to get a required thrust figure from pitch, rpm, torque requirement at the given pitch, required engine power, prop blade length ect ect ........)? Been there, done that?

...... care to write up some notes and share your experience of doing all this?

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Hi Gulfstream1 - here is another video answer to your question

High tech approach to making wooden prop



Low tech approach - a bit of indian craftsmanship



Anyway hope that these clips are of interest, and there are some additional related YouTube links after the clips.

And yes, before anyone says it, I know that I am spending too much time trawling through every paramotor related video clip I can find... :oops:


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.... rather large pitch Mr Singh has put on his rather heavy homemade prop - didn't seem to be pushing too much

Yes - its a huge amount of work, and made all the more complicated by the fact that in paramotor prop design you have a sizable obstruction in the free airflow to accomodate.

It would be interesting to get props from all the manaufacturers and compare them side by side for thrust - my guess is that nearly all will be within a few percent thrust/performance wise.

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