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Accidents are continuing to happen in which a paraglider collapse, at an altitude from which it should have been possible to deploy an emergency parachute, results in the pilot not deploying their parachute and sustaining sometimes fatal injuries.

During the recovery from a large collapse a paraglider can lose a considerable amount of height very quickly, particularly if initial recovery attempts lead to further instability. If your height above ground is less than is necessary for a full recovery - or if your initial attempts to recover are unsuccessful, the next action taken must be to deploy your emergency parachute.

Some pilots seem to pursue attempts to regain control beyond the point at which emergency parachute deployment is likely to be the best option; the consequences are usually very serious. The following are recommendations.

  • 1. All pilots should fly with a suitable emergency parachute system.
    2. All pilots should practice the deployment of their emergency parachute in a safe environment such as a club repacking session.
    3. All pilots should become familiar with the actions to be taken following a collapse, and how much height may be lost in recovery.
    4. All pilots should make themselves aware of the height lost following a mishandled recovery (SIV course participants may be able to note this while observing other pilots' recovery attempts).
    5. All pilots should exercise extreme care whenever there is insufficient height to recover from a major or mishandled collapse.
    6. When recovery is not possible in the available height, or if you are in any doubt as to how much height will be lost - THROW YOUR EMERGENCY PARACHUTE!

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To add to this,

DONT FLY LOW, and if you HAVE too, make sure that the day is a good one for such flying!!!!

When your flying around low you open yourself up to many more dangers 'like Rotor' for example. You also reduce your 'recovery allowance time' to nothing.


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I will definatly be buying a reserve before I fly anywhere!

But what is the minimum height for a reserve to be any use?? 200ft? or is that to low.

If you have a collapse ect and you think you are low, throw it anyway it can always be repacked, better the reserve than you :!::!:

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