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Flying 6th September


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After a spot of Parawaiting last night it was decided that myself, Fast Eddie and Big Simon would meet at 7-15am this morning to take advantage of the lighter winds in the morning and do a small x country from Shabbington up to Simons Mums place near Whitchurch and back.

We arrived in good time and after waiting for Simon to eat his Mcdonalds breakfast and sort his kit out we were ready to go at


The conditions were a bit 'changeable' but it was a fairly easy forward launch and all of us were in the air on the first attempt. even Simon and his enormous wing.

We followed the River Thame out past Thame and up to Aylesbury and then on to Whitchurch. It was a good flight out but when I turned to work out a 'scenic' route back I looked at my GPS and we had been flying at an average speed of 25 mph downwind but the maximum speed was 50.3mph telling me it would be a long slow journey back!

The outward leg was approx 25 minutes but the return took about 1 hour 20minutes for Fast Eddie and myself.

I landed with a litre of fuel but Eddie had not much more than fumes in his tank. It wasn't a great trip back as we were getting thrown about quite a lot but an adventure nonetheless.

Simon had landed about 40minutes earlier just South West of Whitchurh but I watched him land and he was okay, it was only when we got back that he phoned to say that he had landed at Mumsys for a cup of tea and she was driving him back!

All in all a good morning though and we are looking forward to the fly-in next week just down the road.


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Sounds like a great flight Eddie well done.

Did you have a fuel stop after your outward leg or was it all one trip?

Sorry I couldn't manage saturday and am now in Bournemouth for the week! I would have really liked to get my motor back together and established working prior to the fly-in but it was not to be!

LOL for Simon stopping off for tea:)




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It was all one trip, 31 miles covered according to my GPS.

Simon wants to fly during the week (he only had a short flight today. LOL) and I think Fast Eddie is available so I will keep you in the loop.

Otherwise we can sort your motor out at the fly in, are you going for all 3 days?

Hope to see you at the fly in.


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You woke me up you buggers!!

Quite treat to see three wings overhead as I peered out from my pit - I came on here to see who it was so thanks for the report.

I did think it was a bit windy, mind. Clearly it was a long flight back.

Glad you had a good one...maybe one day I'll join you, once I have some kit and complete the training etc, etc...

Tim Horrox

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There will probably be a lot more about this weekend with our fly in at Common Leys farm.

Look it up under 'events' and come along and say hello.

Not sure what you are doing about joining us in the sport but Simon Westmore will be there to answer any questions you may have.

Hope to see you there

ps Barbecue and Music Saturday night will be good



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