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Speed flying training


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Nice video.

Like learner_driver, I thought you were usually in contact with the ground a bit more...or is it up to you? How do you stand (or fly) on a legal position there?

It looks like it has trim tabs (0:37 seconds). Is the harness designed for big air like that? I was under the impression it was a basic webbing harness like that used for power kites etc??

Still, it tiggles my fancy for sure... :D I WANT TO PLAY!

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Easy fellas, yeah yeah the idea is to swoop the slopes and the pop out when you like. Bear in mind though I only started it this year and that vid is maybe my 4th flight so I was a tad nervous. I do have some more on Youtube which I do more skiing and less flying.

The harness is fine for any type of flying, I have used mine with my Fusion for some free flying and its fine.

The rush with speed riding is feeling the wing sit above you whilst you ski along all you then do is pick a cliff or something and just go off the edge. It turns like a rocket so you can swoop and whizz around to you hearts content.

On the downside its all over in a flash, literally 2 mins and you have done 1000m.

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this one is an absolutely brilliant speedriding vid, truly inspirational. It was on another forum (can't remember which) but has some great barrel rolls etc.


It's worth downloading the rather large high quality file rather than streaming.

It has a long intro so you may want to skip the first couple of minutes but then it really gets going!




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