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im new to, i had a false start 5 years ago, then started flying last year. Its fairly easy to get a field, just fine one that you like and ask the farmer. They are usually ok from my experience. you could have a go at the microlight club if you come up with me, but it can get busy. i will keep an eye out for a field between us, Leamington has restricted airspace (1500 ft) so its quite claustrophobic. where did you do your training?

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I did my training with Paddys Parmotor Training and have subsequently found it to have been a bit limited.

I am aware of the restriction over Leamington itself but I think if you go beyond Dunchurch you're then into free space away from the issues with BHX and Coventry.

At the moment I would put up with busy if it meant I get to fly. I have had to stay clear for 8 weeks after an op so I'm just practising my ground handling again to get a feel for it while looking for a place to fly from. I am away for most of the next two weeks with work but would be interested in going with you to the microlight club after this if its OK.

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