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Getting there slowly.


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As some of you may be aware I am trying to get some second hand paramotor gear together on a rather tight budget, 2 kids, wife, mortgage etc....

I have just managed to get myself a RAD Arrow for £1000 which I thought was reasonably priced (open to comments if you think this was good or not)

I am now looking to purchase a wing. Nothing too elaborate as long as it is safe, gets me up(and down again) and has no damage/repairs.

Would be interested if anyone has any good sugestions for wing manufactures/type suitable for a beginner.

If anyone has one knocking about that they want to sell cheaply to get some air back in it I would be most grateful. Got to leave some money aside for training so nothing too expensive.

looking forward to flying with some of you in the near future.


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One thing that I have noticed is that secondhand reflex wings go for a lot of money!

If you are on a budget you will probably be better off with a non reflex wing. Dhv 1 or a low 1-2.

I recently sold a very good Advance Alpha 3, recent service, for £450. so you should be able pick something up for a reasonable price. So long as any repairs have been carried out properly ( The Loft, Aerofix) it should be fine and may be reflected in the price you pay.

I have flown a RAD Arrow overweight on a wing that was a size too small and I got off and flew around OK.

Do you know what size wing you need? How much do you weigh?

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I have a Nemo I am thinking of off loading? But not sure yet?

I bought it off my instructor when learning to fly late last year.

Kids stuff forward launching and rock solid!! Easy controlling. Its a beginners wing.

I am just about to go on a Revolution so wont be needing the wing anymore.

Let me know if interested?


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Hi Mike,

Sorry it's been so long getting back to you but as I am not rich enough to retire and paramotor all day I had to go away for work.

I would be very interested, what sort of price were you thinking?

Sam :explode:

Great confidence booster for newbies!

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