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Solo 210 tuned pipie improvement?


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Simon, I am picking up a PAP1100AS with a solo 210 fitted with a K&N filter and standard exhaust. The harness also has the PAP anti-torque system. I was going to get hold of the tuned pipe for £225 and a walbro WB37 carb. There is someone on this forum after a standard solo exhaust so I was going to let that go cheap to put towards the carb/tuned pipe. What, if any is the power increase??

By the way, I am the one who used to fly gas turbine powered model jets over in sunny south wales.


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There are a few tuned pipes out there for the 210, but the FB version will drop the torque peak a few hundred rpm and increase HP to 18-20 @ peak.

If you have an intake silencer subtract HP/TQ as well as db.

With a matched redrive/prop you can extract 120+ lbs thrust from a 210 which is the real world usable figure anyway I reckon.

210 is now the hirth f-36 as I understand it (and these are the folks who provided FB with tuned pipes at least at one point):


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