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:D Hi & Namaste to all and whole Management family & whole member who are in Paramotorclub.org. Yes this is big family in one hut(paramotorclub.org) in which they help each other from any side.

I wants to says thanks from my core of heart once again, to all who are in this org and who help MHASC directly or indirectly from any side & for its basic trg and motivate MHASC to reach in his goal. MHASC promise U all one day its give u a great service to fly over the beautiful Mountain, Jungle, Rivers and give unique test of PPG magical touring in Nepal. Its real without yours help MH never get a chance to see & fly in blue sky.

Support Team

Norman Rhodes – Web/managing/sponsor

Paul Watkins – Financial oversight/PG & PPG advisor/sponsor/business advisor

Piers Dent – Flight Training advisor

The Paramotor Club Members – for their help, sponsorship and unfailing support.

Eric,Manges, Krish, Joy, Deniel = Flight and Wings (Paragliding & paramotring Institute), Pune , India

Because of weather and some reason I have to break my course in middle and pending it for Next sesons (oct)I again with my Basi paramotor flying training.

At this date I complete my basic Paragliding course of three days, and done eight soloflying from winch. Fourdays special grounhanling course, two days flying with dummy paramotor, one days dry handling with Black Devil paramotor without wings. one day do my first solo with 100cc G6 paramotor about 20 min flying.

I hope I get same kind of help and motivation from all in coming days and in future also.



Mountain Hawk Aero Sports Club, Nepal

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Thats Great news!

It sounds like you got a fair bit of flying done and had loads of fun!

Well done to the guys that worked hard to make it happen! and the members for sponsoring it.

And of course Karan for getting the job done and becoming a pilot.


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I wish I could have recorded the telephone conversation I had with Karan just after he had gone solo for the first time. It was magical despite being at 0355 in the morning.

Well done you guys who contributed and others who gave morale or material support!

Karan's task is by no means complete but he has already done something he dreamed about for years never believing that one day he would actually do it.

What has surprised me is his extraordinary determination to succeed and the breadth of his plans and imagination for what follows his training and consolidation.

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