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Wing mounted camera video

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This looks like an interesting vid to inspire the creative juices to get better than the average shots....

Oz ~ topical!

Anyone done this?

It would be safer and easier to put a small billet cam on the wing and just run the lead down to the camera.

Tie a weight the same as the camera weighs and try launching with it.

Pete b

ps I'M not paying for the damage

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I have crudely hung a .8kg camara from the center of the leading edge on the Fusion when making the PMC vid.

You may notice I used non of the footage from it. LOL

It was swinging about all over the place.

The above clearly works well if a little bullky looking.


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I have a Hero Wide Cam.

They are good, BUT there are better out there now. The Case is the best bit about the Hero Wide as it can take a good kicking. :-) (Squddie proof) as they say in the Army.

The problems I find with the Hero wide, is storage 2gb MAX Battries run down VERY quick. (A flight from the flag pole to the white horse and back kills the batts.)

That said, its a good little camera for 5-10 min clips (AND TIME LAPSE) I will be selling my one, just as soon as I have decided on the next one to get.

I did order a HD pen cam from the US but had to cancel my order as they did not have then in stock. I am trying to find a UK supplier.


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i have one of those atc5k cameras, 2 gig card, i put some 2900 mili amp batteries in and i have recorded an hour, and then used it again without charging, dont thing the pic quality is the best but it is pretty ok

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Simon if you do sell you hero wide cam, let me know. I fancy one but can't justify / afford the £180ish pricetag.

I have the oregon scientific helmet cam and there is no issue with the quality but the picture is too 'zoomed in' (dont think there's a wide or 'zoomed out' setting). ie unless you keep your head very still or move very slowly the picture flits about all over the place and even makes you nauseous watching it on telly. In my view the wideness of the hero wide seems to be what sets it apart.

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