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What about a photo thread with members photos, their user name and their real name so us newer members can recognise at least some of the guys at fly-ins, meets etc. ?

This should then be kept as an open sticky thread for regular updates.


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So I have been spending a little while having a look around the updated site :D I like it and I am sure you will too. Loads of extra tools for networking with other members, & loads of new forum tools, attachments in posts and so on.......

All of the hard work has now been done, all of the re-writing the code now complete.

Yesterday, we had look at a few Gallary software packages to update the current album (which I am the first to admit is junk at best, it has been annoying me since day 1 in fact) I can not remember which one we ended up with but trust the web team to come up with the goods.

In a nut shell, when its live ( I am also fed up with typing that!!) I will create the gallery.

CANT BE LONG NOW!!! I have seen it and used it!


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It has been a month or so since Mark and Dave put their posts on so I would just like to add my bit!

I agree with Mark about the pictures but I find it particularly annoying that the location is not a mandatory requirement when joining.

I have read lots of people asking about flying sites and where they can train etc but I have no idea where they are so I cannot help or advise!

In a lot of cases I can't even tell what country they are in.

I think we could all be more helpful if we had an idea where the members are located.

Thanks for letting me do my 'grumpy old men' bit.


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I do agree but the problem is....

If we action that now, the result will be that anyone who has not filled in there location will not be able to log in to fill in the location.

I do encorage people to do it as much as seems not annoying :D

PLEASE ALL, if your not logged in to read this, please log in.. go to your profile, and fill in your location. PLEASE.

for the grumpy old men.


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