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Butser Festival of Flight.


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all, This Sunday (14th) the above event is being held and organised by the Sky Surfers Club. its run once a year and is a PG site but has permission on this day alone to allow PPG.

I attended last year to promote PPG and the general public were very interested.

Butser is near Petersfield in Queen Elizabeth Park. Timings are 1100 - 1600.

Might see a few of you there.

There were a couple of trade tents there last year, the main one selling high performance kites. There is also a cafe for teas coffee cakes etc.

Plenty of room for ground handling and take off in most directions for PG's.

Regards Mike.


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I am planning on going to the fest but i would like to point out that it is a national trust area :? i was flying at mercury on monday and was told that you have to be a member of the BHPA to fly at butser... I did ask if paramotor club insurance or third party ins would be ok but he just said you had to have bhpa :roll:

I think if your planning on going and your not a member and you want to fly you should contact skysurfers paragliding club to make sure you not waisting your time if you want to fly :lol:

I will be hopeing to fly my motor if i get it by the weekend if not i will be free flying if the weather is ok :lol:

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If there are a few people wanting to go to the free flying fest that are not members of the BHPA i could ring the guy from skysurfers and ask what score is with the ins .... I am sure they cant stop people from flying in to the event :roll: The guy said you only have to be a member to fly FROM butser hill :lol:

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I have just spoken to Don Shipton of skysurfing club. He has told me that you are ment to have BHPA ins as the queen elizabeth country park say you have to have it but as long as you have a 3rd party ins then thats fine (BHPA IS ONLY 2MILL) 3rd party is normally 5m. Anyway as long as you dont advertise your not a member it will be fine!!!

He has told me to warm anyone that is coming to make sure they circal and have a good look b4 coming in to land as there will be alot of kites in the air and if the weather plays ball then there will be alot of peolple there.

There are no site marshals and no one with a radio for you to radio in to warn them of your arrival. There will be an area set aside for you to land in but where he cant say. Butser is a big hill so i dont think it will be a propblem :lol:


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This is a copy of an email i got from don shipton about the fest of flight. I will not now be flying in due to still no motor but i will be there anyway if some of you fancy flying in to the event i will gladly be a back up driver just in case.

Hi there you paramotor lads .

Forecast as usual changes daily and at this time it looks increasingly like it will be South West and a light wind.

This means no flying on the hill and poor conditions for the kites and modellers.

If this turns out to be a fact then the non-activity could be filled by you guys.

Some have suggested a fly-in. I would need to know your ETA as H&S is paramount.

Consider doing a low fly past to suss out the situation on the ground. This will also increase the spectator interest. It may be possible to tape off an area for you to take off & land with a couple of windsocks at the corners.

My mobile number is 07815582816 There are no radios to use Sorry about that chaps.

Please keep me posted if you are able to put in an appearance.

Many thanks Shippo

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