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hi all

i did some paragliding training to EP level about 10 years ago so may as well say i would be starting afresh anyway living in suffolk there is a distinct lack of hills lol and the other week at work in bury st edmunds i saw a paramotor above our factory and thought that would do for me are there any instuctors near this area as the reason i dident go further in my paragliding training was the frustration of driving 3 hours so sit on a hill allday because it may have been a flyable day and 3 hours homw again so with a family now this would be out of the question

also are hefty guys able to get a wing that will take a body weight of 105 Kgs plus kit



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Hi Lee,

All i can help you with is yes hefty guys can i myself am 6'6 and a really hefty 130kgs i had a Paramania Revo 36 made to cope with my all up weight and that would prolly add upto 160kgs plus 'gulp'

And i know there are other heavy guys on here that can also verify what weights they are flying with..

Cheers Simon

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