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Who was flying over Abersoch, North Wales?

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Dear All,

I went down to Abersoch this weekend to stay with some friends. After the wind calmed down late afternoon on Sunday, I decided to go for a 2 hour fly around the Peninsula. I had a lovely smooth flight and landed in my mates garden at 7.30pm.

After packing my gear away, we decided to go to the pub and on the way I looked up and spotted a paramotor flying along the coast. I may be wrong but it looked like a yellow Paramania wing. Was this you? You were directly over Abersoch and then headed over to the Warren beach at around 8.30pm. I was wondering if you had taken off hoping that you would join me. I was a bit gutted that I had landed when I saw you!

I'm going back to Abersoch at the end of May, so it would be good to catch up for a fly if you are around.



Bailey 175

Orange Synthesis 34

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Yes it was me !! Thought i d have a quickie seeing as though the wind had dropped.. I live about 10 miles away and was hoping to wave to my daughter ( she works in MANANAS ) in the village centre... anytime you re up this way give me a shout.. I ll PM my number . Shame we missed each other. I ve got a mate who lives at Mynytho who likes a play too ! Catch you next time Steve

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I feel another plan coming on :-) Dearly beloved has booked us a cottage late June somewhere on the Lleyn Peninsula.

So any advice on essential beer stops, and where and where not to fly in this area will be greatly appreciated and hopefully used :-)



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Hello Bathboy...Whatever you plan in North Wales remember that its a training area for the Military...One minute clear skies then...F**K ME that was close !!! By the time a fast jet pilot has glanced at his joystick , adjusted his stereo and picked his nose , it doesn t matter how many wing overs you do to attract his attention, you aint got much of a chance ! They fly from 7.30 am till about 5 Best way is to NOTAM but its an arse if you ve booked then the weather turns .. Weekends are fine..But then watch out for daydreaming helicopters !

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