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Newbie Bristol Area, Requires Training (previous flying exp)

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Hi all, I first saw paramotoring some years ago and am finally looking to start and am after training to get me upto speed.

I am about to turn 30 and have previous flying experience with fixed wing aircraft.

Are there any recommendations on who to train with, I have emailed Fresh Breeze in Stroud to see if they offer any. Any help greatly appreciated.

many thanks, Adrian

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Welcome to the Paramotor Club.

I have to go and cook 'my turn' now but will send you a PM as discussed a little later.


Thanks Simon, I forgot to ask if there is anywhere to get an intro flight just in case i find out I hate it. (i'm sure i will love it) - I'm pushing on the pounds and am around 13st7lb should this limit tandem?

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Hi Adrian

I'm just up the road from you in Chipping Sodbury, another chap Steve is the other way in Downend, then there's Chris in Didmarton and Paul from Bath and we all tend to fly together in the area, in fact one take off field is literally on your doorstep in Frampton End though its a bit tight for newbies so I've not taken off there yet. We're a friendly bunch and happy to show you what we do and the equipment we use etc but none of us are instructors so speak to Simon or whoever for that!

Give me a call anytime on 07894 707965 then I'll have your number and can give a heads up the next time we are flying!



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