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Paramotor holidays

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Thats actually my partner on a tandem paraglider flight, before we went she would hardly look out the window at me flying, now shes hooked. Paul Mahony took her for a flight off the cliffs, they were in the air for almost 40 minutes, they went way down the coast out of sight and back up again without any problems, I never had any interest in paragliding until I saw the group there, they were very impressive indeed, looked like great fun. :D


We were in Lagos and rented appartments from a UK owner, by chance, overlooked the airstrip, they are pictured in one of the pictures and indeed some of the pictures there were actually taken from the appartment balcony. We rented out miniplanes and Ozone wings from Paul Mahony ( wwwMahony Aviation.com ), the miniplanes were very impressive machines, extremely light yet powerful, no problems lifting me (95kgs) on a full fuel tank in nil wind with a good climb rate. The facilities at Lagos Airsports Centre were excellent, we also all went for a trip in a weightshift microlight from Gerry Breens school. We flew early in the morning and were back in the appartments when all the families were only getting organised to go on a trip sightseeing or to the beach, so everyone was happy, I would definately recommend it for a holiday to suit everyone, not just the paramotorists...


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