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Skype for iPhone


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Probably the most useful app on the device now. Brilliant bit of kit - Simon P rang me from it yesterday and it was like he was in the other room.

Oh, one more thing - Skype for Mac have just brought out a Beta version that improves the interface and provides the facility to share screens - great if you want to illustrate something. Perhaps there is already a Windows version that does the same?


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I just heard about the Mac version and am downloading it onto my laptop as I type this. My Mac became a public phone across in Airvault last week as I have the account that allows unlimted European calls - there was almost a queue forming outside Togsie's and my room each evening! The queue was for Skype I might add, at no time was Togsie offering personal services of any description....

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Me too - last year I used Skype in over thirty countries, saving me an absolute fortune in telephone calls. All except Belarus where, strangely, I could not login to the system.

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last year I used Skype in over thirty countries, .

Bragger :lol::lol:

Nooo, I didn't mean it like that! I just pointed out that Skype has saved me a small fortune because of the fact that, like Norman, my job takes me abroad a lot of the time.

I was told by a friend at the FO that Belarus won't allow Skype simply because it is difficult to monitor, whereas mobiles and landlines are simple - not too sure how accurate that statement was. I am scheduled to visit Dubai this summer so will remember that, and I'm guessing that I'm not going to be able to use it in Pyongyang in June either....

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