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Solo 210 Air Filter or Intake Silencer?


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I took off the stock foam filter and mounting plate which had holes through it to get to the mounting screws (seems like a bad design).

I have a new adapter mounted..ready to accept a K&N or an intake silencer.

I would like to keep it as quiet as possible however, I do not want to lose any power....additional power would be great.

Any recommendations? It is a WB-32 on an Adventure F3 with standard exhaust & head.

Thank you!

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I run just a pretty big K&N on my F3, similar situation to you, I didn't like the standard filter, nor the lack of smooth trumpet on the inlet side. I machined a chunk of Delrin bar into an adapter for the K&N, and built in a nice smooth trumpet intake shape, which can only be an improvement over the crude flat plate of the standard rig. It does make some noise, but I don't find it intrusive over the exhaust and prop noise. I should think that the only way you will silence it would be to set up a large 'still air' plenum chamber, probably surrounding the K&N. It does have to be pretty big though to maintain the efficiency of the airflow, and that is kind of problematic on a paramotor, especially as we want to maximize airflow to the prop.

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I'm also after an air filter and air box for my Adventure F3 with Solo 210 motor with WALBRO 32 carb. I just want to fit a replacement without having to do any mods just bolt straight on.

Does anyone know where the best place is to get such a thing? A link to any website or any info would be great thanks.


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I recently fitted a K&N in place of the foam filter it had from the factory, I went to a kart shop and asked for a adaptor to fit a tillotson in my case, but you can get them for walbro carbs too, they are normally 60mm outside circumfrance, if you look on ebay they sell "short" K&N style filters for minibikes in all different sizes including 60mm.


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My Walbro adapter came from Mojo's Gear. It is 2.5 inches (6.4cm) at the inlet.

I will just grab a K & N and keep it simple. It has a pretty smooth sound as it is.

I am sure it has been posted before but here is the Solo 210 breakdown with Adventure part numbers.

Seeing as there are a few us here with the F3s. Mojo's appears to use the same numbers for their Adventure parts.


Mojo's Gear


Good luck to all of us!

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