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Whitters diary 20th 21st 03 09


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The afternoon of Friday was spent at the house doing admin. A day off from ground School.

The evening conditions continued to be a bit strong for flying so we spent the time ground handling. Simon has a little 12m Marlin which is excellent for practice. Keeping tyhe wing on its side (wingtips) using single brajke and A riser then switching to the other wingtip in a smooth controlled fashion. Very difficult but getting easier.

Togsy (Ken) the first of our students arrived today. He was put streight to work tonight with ground handling. Pete B will be his instructor. The others are due to arrive tomorrow.

Back to the house. We bought some beer today so which is the first beer we have had all week and was welcomed. In bed by 21.45 and lept like a log after just 3 tins of beer.

Sat 21st:

Heavy frost over the ground this morning. Bit colder. Simon Westmoor stayed in bed this morning and had a lay-in until 07.45 while the rest of us got out to the airstrip.

Pete b and Togsy ground handling and Togsy making good progress already.

I set off on the 20 turn point route but not expecting to get all of them because they are all down wind, the furthest being about 12 miles down wind. The task was to get as many as I can but to make it back to the airfield ok and not get pinned down by increasing winds.

The first 8 turn points were all familear to me and I was pleased with the streight line track to all of them. The conditions were already starting to get bumpy and my ground speed back into wind at 750ft was 4mph. The 9th TP is the furthest down wind and 6 km from me so I decided to miss it out in favour of the next cross wind TP.

It was very slow going and I was flying with full speed bar at 500ft AGL in very rough conditions making 12-16 mph ground speed. It was smoother up at height but the increased wind speed at 800ft decreased progress for home to about 5mph. This waqs hard work, very tense flying, I was 12 miles down wind so I decided an hour of this to get home would be enough.

Heading for the airstrip I noticed a lovely church just 2km to my north, cross/up wind so I decided to have a look at it. I then realised that the next few turn points were not to far off my track for home so I went for them. After completeing the next 4 TP's I decided to definately head for home. Feeling very cold, a little nauseous from the rough conditions I set off slightly north of the track for mome in order to avoid turbulance from the town of St Varent and the massive earth work quarry nexto it which undoubtedly will be kicking off.

Arrived back over the airfield for an engine off attempt at the spot from 500ft. Landed 20 yards left. Flightb 33.9 miles. Average ground speed 21.5mph Max 58.4.mph.

Back to the house for a long ground School session and lunch.

To be continued.

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Hey Norman,

Whitters may have read your message as he has been asleep for the last hour with no sign of movement.

The problem with a bigger battery is that it takes longer to recharge ;-)


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