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SPOT the prop!

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I've had reception problems with my SPOT tracker, i.e. it wasn't giving half the tracking reports I was expecting when it was in the breast pocket of my flying suit. My solution on the last couple of flights has been to bind it to the top of my cage with a load of insulating tape.

Today, I had a fly, and a precautionary land out to deal with a drop in power. No biggie, got myself all organised to take off, wing up, into wind, a few steps and off. Climb to about fifty feet.

Then a huge godamn bang and enough vibration to shake all my filling loose!

Killed the engine and landed straight ahead as I had loads of room. It was even a tollerable landing considering the fright I had just had.

Anyway, long story short, SPOT's and props don't mix. It was a lose/lose situation and the results to neither were pretty.

Just a caution, if anything can come loose and get into your prop, it probably will. Got to go and see if I can get my subscription swapped over now to a new SPOT. :oops:

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I'm really sorry to hear about your SPOT/prop collision!

Have you any pictures of either?

If you have any trouble with SPOT do let me know. As a dealer I have decent relationships with some of their people and so should be able to help.



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I will post some pictures of the remains of both items when I have taken some.

Spoke to Globalstar on the phone today, and they said there would be no problem doing the transfer, so I will probably be ordering one through the PMC shop site.

Thanks for the offer of help though Stuart, I'll get in touch if I run into any hurdles.


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