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Learning and club life near Bristol

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Hello everyone. I'm hopeing that someone can aid me. My Father and i are very interested in starting in the sport. I've paraglided before but my father is a fix winged adict, flying those nast big cessna thingies. We have both been flying gliders a while as well. He had just moved to the Bristol area, where i intend to jion him at weekends to fly. Does anyone know if there is a club ot meeting near there? I think my father needs to see a wing and know what rises are before he comits. If there is anyone local that wouldn't mind sparing us some time to show him the kit? even better if there is a club near as a social life with it would be good too! Thanks everone for reading this, i hope someone can help us.... safe flying everone.

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There are a few of us from Bristol and the surrounding area and we often fly near to Junction 18 of M4, not enough of us to call a club but during the summer months we spend a bit of time flying and have a few beers here and there! Not taken my first flight of this year yet but keeping an eye on the weekends and we'll be up soon I would think!

Give me a call if you like 07894 707965



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