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Further Course(s) for pilot development


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The response to the initial offering has been considerable and quite surprising really given the times we live in.

PMC AFI/QFI Instructors Course

The first instructors course is now provisionally full. Piers will be taking his five candidates to France on the 16th March to complete their flying training. We have had further enquiries that may enable us to run a second course in tandem with the first, if anyone feels they would like to apply please get in touch.

There are a number of pilots out there who feel that although they either do not qualify, or would rather not become instructors, would definitely like to attend a course where their flying skills are coached, improved and then challenged. All in the name of their development as an aviator.

After a conversation with Piers it is beginning to look as if we may be able to offer a course in France to accommodate those needs.


What do you call a course like this? A sojourn in France (a choice of 5 or 7 or 10 days - TBN) that starts with a day where attendee's flying is looked at in a positive, developmental and good natured way. Following that, after dinner a program of activities is presented over a glass of wine that has been tailored to suit each pilots individual requirements.

The objective would be to ensure that each individuals basic flying technique is sound and and they have a pathway mapped taking them toward a specific set of goals. The goals for the entire group may be the same, they may vary; but either way they will be challenging and take the individual to a new level with their flying.

On completion if it is requested the pilots performance can be assessed and credit given towards the instructors course. This may take the form of a reduction in the number of hours required to qualify as it follows that quality of flying as well as quantity (of hours) must be included in the reckoning of a pilots experience and suitability to instruct. Ultimately it is for our PE's to structure the challenge and the credit.


We have a name that describes a course like this, we are calling it a Skills Consolidation and Advanced Flying Introductory Course - SCAFIC. If it sounds as though something like that might suit you, drop me a line. We are really busy with the closing stages of the instructor course design at the moment but as soon as we have the time to devote to it, I will post a sample of what you can expect with an idea of a ballpark cost.

Again, the objective with these courses is to keep the costs as low as we can to ensure that people can make it onto them without breaking the bank.

The SCAFIC will be run by our Panel Examiners (Piers will probably be doing the first one) and the target standards for all flying will be the same as those required for the instructors course. It follows that successful completion will assist considerably those who aspire to become instructors.


At the moment we have tentative plans to run the first SAFIC during April '09.


Course fee - TBN

Accommodation with three meals a day (one meal a packed lunch - excluding wine) around £45 day.


Please feel free to ask questions, we will answer those that we can and defer those that we can't. Your impressions and ideas are important as they may influence both timing, quantity and course design.

Get thinking....... yossarian22@mac.com :roll:

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Please feel free to ask questions, we will answer those that we can and defer those that we can't. Your impressions and ideas are important as they may influence both timing, quantity and course design.

I've driven for two years to the Lemming/Paramania weekend 'spring' flyins in this village. It isn't that far to drive even for a weeked as motorway most of the way. The best bar in Airvault is very friendly, has good food and drink and may still have the signed broken prop on the wall :-)

I'm interested in improving my skills, more trips away and flying in places with a great view. In my opinion, this part of France is a bit flat and repetitive for more than a weekend. Could another be arranged near some hills, mountains, the coast or even a lake?



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:lol: Thanks Paul, very useful.

The courses are being held there because it is available and suitable for instructor/advanced candidates and ab-initio students. I don't know it myself, never been there but the Loire Valley is beautiful. The whole focus of the course is intensive learning based - along with a big fun element. I think for a week they could draw out all there is to be had.

Experience of this venue and others will certainly drive future choices. There are lots of places in France that might show promise....

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