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Gear confiscation, unexpected authorities


Who was right?  

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  1. 1. Who was right?

    • Pilot didn't do his homework and should live with it.
    • Pilot was within his rights and should not have been hassled.
    • Undecided.

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This should prove quite controversial, and while your local laws may be respected, this proves you are, as pilot in command, responsible for all your flight decisions and homework.

When I see "beautiful" videos of a PPG low flying and dispersing/chasing a terrorized flock of anything, I cringe at how it will eventually affect the sport, let alone the animals that are scared off to abandon a nest, or whatever. Just because one can is a pretty lame excuse when faced with consequences.

Some things however, are a bit of a surprise when they come back to bite you:

http://www.footflyer.com/Articles/News/ ... ndians.htm

What are your thoughts on this situation?

As Ed posted on the Oz Tip to Tip route, the natives may be restless, and getting one's mosquito swatted in the outback would be most unwelcome.

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What the fook! Of course he shouldn't have been treated this way.

This would be like one of us taking off from an approved field, flying within all of the regulations and then landing to find that one of the farmers whose wheat crop we had flown over was waiting to tow our car and confiscate our kit. Where were the real police?

I know that there are sensitivities within certain communities but these do not transcend the laws of the land. Perhaps a more local example would be a band of travellers waiting for you if you had flown over their camp!

I am sure that in the fullness of time this guy will be found to be legally in the right and hopefully get his gear back, but I pity him for the grief that he has been through for which he will probably never be compensated.

Best regards,


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